Linkage Electric was founded in January 2002. Our products include high voltage separable power cable connectors, distribution transformers, fuse cutouts, and other related products. All of our products conform to the latest revision of international standards, such as IEC and ANSI. Our vision is to offer the best quality products and to be the best partner for our customers. 

Our products are designed for environmental sustainability, high power efficiency, and compliance with customer demands. Focusing on increasing reliability and value, we have never stopped improving the quality of our products. This high-quality policy is achieved through a combination of expertise, high-quality materials, and a quality management system that checks and records all working processes according to our standard operational manual. 


Linkage Electric is continually researching and developing high-quality, diverse products, with a goal of becoming a recognized, global manufacturer of distribution equipment. Beginning in 2011, we became the main supplier of distribution transformers to Taiwan Power Company within two years. We look forward to developing and producing intelligent transformers for a smart grid with full protection functions, and hope to expand into the worldwide transformer market.